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Egion for BFRPG

Post Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:11 pm

This is a place to hash out ideas with you all for this campaign. First off-is the main map...
I added in Dale for the Tales from the Laughing Dragon Book as well as Brebury which is set upp to be a base of operations of sorts once they complete the Laughing Dragon Module. I have an idea for the realms epic treasures for when the chars reach level 9. The characters would be sent to the lair of a Great Dragon for the qualifying character to be tested. Below are the Dragons, the class and tests given as well as the prize. Only thing I have right now are the names of the events and prizes. Still working on the details... If anyone has ideas on the tests and the prize capabilities feel free to post below.

Guardians of the Epic Weapons of Egion All are Category 7 Dragons and are non-aggressive unless attacked.
Sora`Biri, Red - Fighter - Trial of Combat - Fury - Longsword +5, Upon Command issues a scream that draws the attention of all enemies currently engaged with the wielder's party and raises the gives a +5 AC bonus for 1 turn can be used once per day.
Sora`Kava, Blue - Magic User - Trial of Riddles - Spellbinder - Staff +5, Grants wielder the ability to cast one more spell per spell level. IE 9th Level MU can cast 1 more spell from each of the following spell levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Nala`Daar, Black - Thief - Trial of Stealth - Venombite Dagger +5, +3 Poison damage per round for 6 rounds.
Akra`Raian, White - Cleric - Trial of Mercy - Deathbane - Mace +5, Grants 1d12 bonus to heals, Casts Resurrection once per day on command.
Akra`Surina, Gold - Paladin - Trial of Piety - Faithkeeper - Longsword +5, +10 vs Undead, On Command Casts Lay of Hands 3 times per day.
Perra`Korinn, Green - Druid - Trial of Balance - Stormbringer - Scimitar +5, On Command casts Lightning as per the spell 3 times per day. Only works outdoors
Perra`Mishann, Green - Ranger - Trial of the Hunt - Huntress - Longbow/Shortbow (depending on Race) +5 +10 vs Favorite enemy, On Command calls a hail of arrows 3 times per day in a 20' area around the target doing 1d4+ bonuses to all enemies within the area. Only works outdoors.

Other ideas include Creating Barbarian as a race instead of a class and renaming the Barbarian Class Supplement to Berzerker and making that class available to Dwarves and Barbarians after a little tweaking.
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