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Re: Roguish Skills

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:59 pm
by Dimirag
If the idea is to use ability checks for skill checks you can replace the thief skills with an ability bonus so they start at better values compared to non-thieving classes.

Using non-dexterity ability-linked skills tends to complicate the thieves, as other classes will not have a penalty or tend to a bonus, it happens for example with:
Climb -> STR
Listen -> WIS
Find Traps -> INT/WIS
Hide -> INT

A way of dealing with this could be allowing the thieves to replace the Ability modifier with a flat class bonus, something like +3, so he starts equal to the smartest, wisest, etc non-thief
Another way is to reduce the ability mod for these rolls to something like a +1 if ability is 16+, this way the thieving bonus would be lower.