Roguish Skills

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Re: Roguish Skills

Post Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:59 pm

If the idea is to use ability checks for skill checks you can replace the thief skills with an ability bonus so they start at better values compared to non-thieving classes.

Using non-dexterity ability-linked skills tends to complicate the thieves, as other classes will not have a penalty or tend to a bonus, it happens for example with:
Climb -> STR
Listen -> WIS
Find Traps -> INT/WIS
Hide -> INT

A way of dealing with this could be allowing the thieves to replace the Ability modifier with a flat class bonus, something like +3, so he starts equal to the smartest, wisest, etc non-thief
Another way is to reduce the ability mod for these rolls to something like a +1 if ability is 16+, this way the thieving bonus would be lower.
Sorry for any misspelling or writing error, I am not a native English speaker
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