Basic Fantasy Field Guide Volume 3

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Re: Basic Fantasy Field Guide Volume 3

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Giant, Sea:
Armor Class: 17 (14)
Hit Dice: 10 + 3
No.of Attacks: 1 giant weapon or 1 thrown rock
Damage: 4d6 or 3d6
Movement: 20' Unarmored 40, swim 30, unarmored swim 60
No. Appearing: 1d2, Wild 1d2, Lair 1d4
Save As: Fighter 11
Morale: 10, 12 if defending lair
Treasure Type: B + 3d6 x 900gp
XP: 1,675

A Sea Giant is a giant with blue skin, hair made of seaweed, and any clothing made of crab shells and giant starfish. Sea Giants are neutral to smaller races, but enemies of cloud giants and fire giants, and good allies with frost giants and stone giants.
Sea Giants, as their name implies, live in large bodies of water, usually seas or oceans, or very deep lakes. They usually live alone, gathering treasure for their treasure hoard and making deals with the tiny races for gold and treasure.
Sea Giants may breathe on land and in water, and swim better than most giants.
They are usually 17 feet tall, and can throw rocks or pieces of ships that deal up to 3d6 damage.
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Re: Basic Fantasy Field Guide Volume 3

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This is an alternate version of the ixithingie, the evil spell casting manta rays that go all the way back. These ones are based on the Jenny Haniver pseudo-cryptid. I tried to take full advantage of the devil fish nickname.

Armor Class: 14
Hit Dice: 5
No.of Attacks: 1 bite or spell
Damage: 2d6
Movement: swim 60'
No. Appearing: Wild 1d8+4, Lair 8d10+20
Save As: Fighter 5 or Cleric 5
Morale: 10, 12 if defending lair
Treasure Type: Special
XP: 360, Priest 405, High Priest 450

Inversegens, also called Devil Fishes, are 5 feet tall manta ray-humanoid hybrids. Their heads are encased in a large fin with a span of 7 feet. They have black beady eyes and a large mouth filled with two rows of needle like teeth. They have small, almost vestigial arms and fully formed legs, both without skeleton and a long spiked tail. Their colouration varies from auburn to rosewood.
In combat, their only attack is a vicious bite. One in 5 is a priest with Clerical abilities of level 5 and a minimum of 30 hit points. One in 25 is a high priest with Clerical abilities of level 8 and a minimum of 35 hit points. They frequently cast a variant of Spiritual Hammer which manifest a trident instead which deal a base of 1d8 points of damage and which they use to attack foes from the rear.
Inversegens speak only they own language. They can be found only in salt water and live in open cities at the bottom of the oceans where they are said to worship evil sea gods. Priests and high priests have a 5% and 20% chance, respectively of possessing a magic ring, which they wear on one of their legs.
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