Basic Fantasy Field Guide 3

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Re: Basic Fantasy Field Guide 3

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Also added Chain Golem
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Re: Basic Fantasy Field Guide 3

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Treasured Mimic

No. of Attacks: 2 claws OR bite OR single weapon
Damage: 1d4/1d4 OR 1d6 OR by weapon
Movement: 20'
No. Appearing: 1
Save As: Fighter 3
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: Type "U" See Notes Below
XP: 145

The Treasured Mimic always appears as a chest or some other container until threatened. Its true form is an 8' tall gangly grey humanoid shape, similar to a doppleganger, but with claws, and a treasure chest with a toothy mouth for a head. A successful "Search for Traps" roll will reveal that not all is as it appears, and that the treasure chest is a living creature.(Possibly a (1-2+Wisdom modifier success range) on 1d20 for non-Thieves?) It will remain nearly motionless until someone tries to open it, or it's actually threatened, such as if it were poked with a 10' pole. At this point it will either attempt to bite whoever is closest, or it will rear up to its full height of 8' and move in to strike with its claws. If it held a weapon in its chest compartment, it will pull that out and use it.

For treasure, it only holds what can be contained in its treasure chest-shaped "mouth". Roll treasure type "U". If a magic item comes up, use your best judgement for what the creature could reasonably hold. For example, it's likely to be able to hold a dagger or longsword, but a halberd or a full suit of armor is unlikely.

Due to its alien nature, the treasured mimic is immune to sleep, charm, and hold magics, similar to an undead. It is not undead however, and appears to bleed and have stringy minute internal organs. Treasured mimics are normally found indoors in places that are not often traveled. They have no known method of reproduction, and seem to be carnivorous, chewing their prey up into small pieces and slowly digesting them inside their mouths, which when inert, fills part-way with bubbling digestive acids.
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Re: Basic Fantasy Field Guide 3

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That's a nice first post! 8-) Thanks for the contribution (it will be added to the next release) and welcome to the forums!
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