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Submission Guidelines

Post Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:15 am

A few questions have come up lately, and I realized I didn't have my policies down in writing anywhere, so here goes:

Layout Guidelines

All submissions of rules or adventure materials to the Basic Fantasy Project must be in source format; for most, this means ODT format, but Word will be accepted as well (though I'll change it to ODT before publishing). Please, do NOT submit PDFs to me, as I won't use them.

An exception is made for forms, such as character sheets; if the software needed to edit the document is not generally available, feel free to submit just the final PDF format.

Rules supplements are normally set in Soutane type, with headings in Soutane Black. You can presently get the Soutane font family from Adventures are set in Century Gothic with headings in Soutane Black. Century Gothic is distributed widely with Windows applications, and many people already have that font installed; unfortunately, I can't send you a copy as it's not properly free. Alternatives to Century Gothic have been proposed, but various licensing issues have prevented me from adopting any of them.

How to Create a New Adventure or Supplement

First, you need a good idea. That should go without saying. Write up a first version of your concept and post it in the Workshop, where others can critique it for you. When your submission is complete, post it to the Showcase (if you have a Showcase account) or contact me (Solomoriah) to let me know that you have a complete work and would like a Showcase account for it. Once I've looked it over, if I feel it is up to snuff, I'll upgrade your forum account to a Showcase account and you'll be able to post it there.

Highly rated Showcase products may be selected by me to be included on the main Downloads page.

If you are creating an adventure, please download the Adventure Template attached to this post and follow the directions inside it to create your adventure. All adventures for the Downloads page (and eventually for printing!) must be in the standard format, and using the Adventure Template styles will make that easy for you.

What Goes Where, and Why

The Workshop is the "wild west" of game material writing and sharing. You can write pretty much whatever you want and post it there, so long as you obey the Rules (see below). This means that you are likely to find unfinished, half-baked, and/or badly conceived ideas there, as well as the sort of excellent works such as you are used to finding on this site.

The Showcase is for recognized authors to post their work. There may be many different "takes" on one or another concept (I'm sure we'll have a number of Rangers, for instance). Showcase products should be complete; if you are an approved author, please don't submit incomplete works there. "Unfinished" works in the Showcase should be limited to adventures which are fully playable, but in need of things like artwork, flavor text, and other "fluff" that we all love but don't actually need.

The Downloads page is for official and approved works, which will all be complete. Official works include the core rules... and pretty much nothing else. All other items on the Downloads page are approved by me. With respect to rule supplements, there will eventually be only one regular way to do each thing on that page; I'm going to be very picky about what I allow there. This means that some items presently found there will be "demoted" to the Showcase, and that does include some of my items. In fact, some of my own items will be demoted all the way down to the Workshop.

The Rules

To appear on this site in any fashion, a work must be legitimately free. This means that all text, and all required graphics (such as maps, for example), are Open Game Content. Decorative artwork does not have to follow this rule, but you must have the right to redistribute any artwork you use in your product, and you must be able to explain to me how you have such a right. Of course, any work being shared here must also not be infringing anyone else's copyright.

To appear on the Downloads page, a work must be in the standard style. We attempt to maintain consistency in look and feel not just for artistic reasons, but because it makes it easier for GMs to pick up any adventure or supplement from the site and use it immediately. Showcase items should be in the standard style, and if you want an item from the Showcase to make it to the Downloads page, this will be a deal-breaker.

Showcase products should be complete; Downloads page products must be complete.

Using Google Docs, Office Online, etc.

If you prefer to use an online/cloud-based service to work on your stuff, that is totally fine. However, you must still post an attachment of your work in PDF and ODT format. We want all work to be accessible via this site/forum.

This is in addition to any URLs you post of where you're working on things. Also, please be sure to keep attachments updated as your work progresses.

Please direct all discussion of the submission guidelines to the separate discussion thread here: ... f=19&t=696

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