Strongholds for Optional Classes

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Strongholds for Optional Classes

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While there is no mention about Strongholds in the Optional Classes rules and while I think that some of them,even if derivatives of the 4 Core Classes,could handle Strongholds and followers in a different way than the Core Classes here's a list of ideas for Strongholds for the Optional Classes after level 9:

A Barbarian can build a small Village and become Chief of it,founding his own Tribe,it will attract the same number of followers of a fighter plus some civilians unable to fight to populate the village.
A Village could be cheaper than a normal settlement but made only by tents or huts.

A Ranger could build a Watchtower or a Wooden Fort in a wild area and attract followers like a Fighter

Option A
A Paladin could build a Temple for its Divinity but it would not be allowed to gain followers,even if Paladins are very charismatic their strict code of conduct avoids followers to join them for long time.
Option B
A Paladin can build a Temple and attract other Paladins as Followers (same number of a Fighter),founding a Chivalry Order,like the Templars.

(The two options depend about how much you want the Paladin Class in your game to be common. You know,there are two ways to see a Paladin:a Saint chosen by Destiny or the Gods themselves over thousands people,like Jeanne d'Arc,or a class everyone can join with the proper motivation and training,like the Templars.)

A Druid becomes ArciDruid and protector of a Sacred Grove,while you can't build a Sacred Grove with money,and to give a taste of Advanced RPG Second Edition,a Druid must defeat another ArciDruid in a combat to become ArciDruid of a Sacred Grove.
Then it can gain followers like a Cleric and choose between level 1 Druids or animal followers.

Now,I didn't read the other classes very well but here some quick ideas:
Illusionist:same as Magic-User
Necromancer:it could build a Mausoleum or a Crypt and gain lesser undeads with 1hit dice (same number of a Magic User)
Assassin:same as Thief but with an Assassin Guild in a remote wild area (Imagine Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows or the Assassins sect from Assasin's Creed to have an Idea)
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