Free Combined Class

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Free Combined Class

Post Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:35 am

Hi to all
First of all compliments for this wonderful retroclone that mixes the simplicity of the Original RPG with the best features of the 3.5.

After having read the rules I thought about a system to build combined class freely and not only for the Elves.
These are the rules:

1) General Rules
class characters use the best attack bonus and the best
saving throw values of their original two classes, but must
gain experience equal to the combined requirements of
both base classes to advance in levels
(Quoted from Basic Fantasy RPG rules version 1.07)

2) Allowed Classes
Characters can combine max 2 classes,and only classes their race is allowed to choose.
(So a Dwarf can become a Fighter/Cleric but not a Magic-User/Fighter)

3)Hit Points
I've got two ways for that,you choose which is the best way for you

1) Two dices
Roll both hit dice for each class,sum the result and divide it for 2

2) One Dice
If both the classes have the same hit dice just keep it.
If not,sum the faces of the hit dices of both class and divide the result by 2,if the result is an odd number round down.
(A Fighter/Cleric does (d8+d6):2=7,but while there is not a d7 round down to d6)
(A Cleric/Magic User does (d6+d4):2=5,but while there is not a d5 round down to d4)

By the way,reading the rules I didn't get how the hit points for the combined classes work after 9 level,do they get the better bonus to hit points between the two classes?

I hope you will find these homemade rules interesting for you campaigns.
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Re: Free Combined Class

Post Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:45 pm

There is actually an unwritten rule about HD for combo classes:
Is the best of the 2 dice, in the case of the Elven Fighter-Magic User is a d6 because elves are limited to a max of a d6 for Hit Points.

Some combo classes aren't added to the core rules due to their combination producing little to no benefit to the single classes, and in some cases, produces a reduction in efficacy.
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Re: Free Combined Class

Post Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:33 am

with all the discussion over combination classes over the last decade I thought for sure there would have been a supplement created by now, but I didn't see one. A brief search shows that most of the discussions on combo classes has been within the threads for the core rules.
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