Opening Doors Table

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Opening Doors Table

Post Fri Nov 18, 2016 8:26 pm

Just have this idea for the mechanic used while opening doors to include Ability penalties.
The first table works via percentage rolls while the second is a straight d20 roll (equal or under), finally, the third Table is the classical "equal or better" on a d20 roll.

Note that the STR bonus reaches a +5, this is not only for those using 3.x type modifiers but for characters having an extra STR bonus due to magic, race or class.

The tables can be used for situations where characters combine their STR by either combining the chances or, if using tables 2 or 3, by letting the PC with the highest STR roll and using the others PC bonuses to modify the chances or the roll. Or it could be used for other kind of rolls such as surprise or listening.
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