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Re: Project Priorities

Post Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:17 pm

Okay, so I got to it finally. As I see it, going forward we have three groups of works that need attention, as follows:

The Field Guides: Ideally I'd like to release FG1 2E and FG2 together. I need to complete my long, slow edit pass over FG1 and get some new releases out; Chi, if you're willing, I'd like you to keep managing FG2. Christmas is unrealistic, but I'm hoping we can manage a Spring release of both together.

The Core Rules Translations: These are my problem. I have at least the German and French translations awaiting a layout pass; besides that, I'd like to find native proofreaders for them who were not part of the original translation team (for the usual reasons regarding proofing). I'm too American (i.e. monolingual) to do it myself, sadly. I have no plan for a release date, but I'd be thrilled if we can get them out in print in 2020.

Whatever Remains: Any other books that are moving forward. Chi, I'd like to keep these under your wing, though I do know you've been listing Wandering Monsters on the priorities and that one's still really my problem.

That's the plan for now, assuming Chi is agreeable.
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