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Re: Project Priorities

Post Mon Aug 02, 2021 11:18 pm

Projects queue is empty. For the moment. So something got done.

I started doing layout on AA1 R21 and kind of stalled, so I put it at the top of the list here to remind me it's not done.

I also started a layout pass on Core Rules r107-ger14, and just as I was lamenting to Alex that it was kicking my butt he uploaded ger15. Egad. So I'm not sure if I should start on it or hold off. Layout on foreign language editions is tough as many of them are more space-consuming than the English version, throwing a monkey wrench into the layout. A more compact language is less trouble; a little extra whitespace isn't going to make me unhappy. But a single paragraph falling off of one section makes a mostly-blank page, which is not a good look. Not sure how professionals do it. The 9.5 point font we use is already as small as I'm willing to make it; I can go larger, but at 10 points most of the flow issues still fill less than 1/4 of the "extra" page.

Anyway. And besides all this BFRPG goodness I'm working on two IF projects...
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