Fighter Subclasses Supplement

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Fighter Subclasses Supplement

Post Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:30 am

Post your comments here for the Fighter Subclasses Supplement.
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Re: Fighter Subclasses Supplement

Post Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:58 pm

I haven't had a chance to use this in play but I do like what I'm seeing though.

I really like what you've done with the barbarian and I like your unarmored armor class deal, it brings to mind images of Conan wading through a horde of enemies in a loin cloth and the bodies are piling up!

I will modify the armor class range slightly for my game though:

1 - 12
2 - 13
3 - 14
4 - 15
5 - 16
6 - 17
7 - 18
8 - 19
9 - 20

Also, with images of Conan in mind I'll allow shields with the naked armor class. Some of Frazetta's art has him nearly naked but carrying a shield and I think it's reasonable.

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Re: Fighter Subclasses Supplement

Post Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:26 am

Thank you for your efforts however,

There me be a little power creep with the Barbarian you have designed:

The Barbarians STR bonus to melee is problematic. A 15 Strength barbarian gets +2/+2 when attacking melee, the 18 Strength Barbarian gets +6/+6. The deviation between these to Characters is HUGE. Your re-introducing much of the power creep you find in later editions of well know RPGs. You put a restriction of Armor on the class but then turn around and remove it by giving a armor bonus for no armor. It’s difficult to conceptualize this ability, is it like dexterity or tough skin? Also doubling the CON bonus? For example an 18 CON barbarian at 8th level would have an average HP total of 84. average of 36 for Hit Dice, and 48 for CON bonus Your designing a class that is getting serious power creep from two abilities now. This rule system is best used without getting to focused on the High end abilities.
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Re: Fighter Subclasses Supplement

Post Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:12 am

You may find a different take on the barbarian here:
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Re: Fighter Subclasses Supplement

Post Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:03 pm

The classes in the Fighter Subclasses Supplement seem to be either sub par or over powered.

An example of being overpowered is the Barbarian. The Barbarian gets a bonus to AC while not wearing AC, what is the purpose to that. Then that makes the Barbarian an overpowered character because they get tons of health,(Con bonus), twice the strength bonus, and they will barely be able to get hit.

These subclasses, instead of being main types of classes, they should be a specific build, an example might be that a fighter that focuses on constitution should take the pregenreated ranger character, and a fighter that focuses on strength should take the pregenreated barbarian character, and a fighter that wishes to dual-class into a cleric should be a Paladin character.

The Ranger itself gets an extra hit die at the first level, still too overpowered. The class could possibly have more health than a regular fighter. Maybe a bonus of +1 health at the beginning, and a maximum of 17 strength as well.

Finally, the Paladin seems to be a completely useless class. The requirement of 13 wisdom, while wisdom is only needed with a roll of 9, doesn't do anything. The wisdom itself doesn't add any modifier.
Maybe the wisdom modifier could add to prayer, were the player, while praying must roll a 20 sided die of the level +1(ex. a level 1 spells require a roll of 11 or higher, etc.). Maybe the same rules except switch wisdom with intelligence for a magic-user.

Also, the fact that a paladin requires 13 Wisdom(a stat that is never used), and 13 Charisma,(yet another stat never used,).

I do believe that these classes were created to help make characters with specializations, but the specializations make the base Fight a purposeless and redundant character. A suggestion might be to add more abilities to fighters, such as Cleave, or toughness.
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Re: Fighter Subclasses Supplement

Post Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:49 pm

Just wanted to add my 0.02 that the Barbarian class is certainly overpowered. I allowed a player to use this class and he quickly became an unstoppable train with his weapon. The superhuman strength makes this class ridiculously overboard, and the double CON bonus is ludicrous as well. The score itself represents (partially) fortitude, and therefore should not be altered by the class.

Disregard any of Frazetta's artwork and actually read some of Howard's novellas about Conan (the quintessential barbarian)...he's anything but barbaric...and he uses Armor in several stories. The idea that his AC improves with level is contradictory to the concepts behind BFRPG. AC is improved through the use of Armor and Dexterity, it doesn't improve by level for ANY class, and therefore should not for the Barbarian.

IMHO, I'd remove the class completely. Barbarian is just a word used to describe a person's mannerisms, specifically how they are different than many culturally accepted norms (the culture making the criticism).

One could, perhaps, replace the Barbarian class with a "Berserker" class, which is a special type of fighter that can go into a berserker rage.

The Ranger extra HP at first level isn't really overpowered. It just gives them a bit of an edge to stay alive a tad longer early on in the game. I DO think that their max HD should be 8 instead of 9, thus...the benefit of the extra HD at 1st level is only a boon at early levels, but by the time other classes reach 9th level, it all balances out.

The Ranger class is also balanced insomuch that it allows the move silently & hide as a thief of the same level. The extra 3 levels in a wilderness situation, however, is a bit overboard. Perhaps just 1 extra level in a wilderness situation would be more appropriate.

The Ranger poultice that heals 1d4 HP, however, unbalances this class. The GM has to make up extra rules, such as forbidding the player to find ingredients or by making the poultice last for only 1 or 2 days to keep it balanced, otherwise, the Ranger is basically an unlimited healer.

The Ranger extra damage against humanoids is also overpowered. At levels 6+, the Ranger is a 1-hit killer of most humanoids, almost certainly a 2-hit killer of any others that don't fall. Perhaps stating that the Ranger adds +2 to damage against humanoids would be sufficient.

The Divine Champions supplement has better ideas for a Paladin than those outlined in this supplement.
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Re: Fighter Subclasses Supplement

Post Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:47 pm

Uriel, you might check out the Quasi-Classes Supplement for a different take on how to do a Barbarian (in which those double bonus things are removed completely and replaced with a Toughness mechanic that works in a couple of different ways). Additionally, you can see an alternate way of doing a Holy Character (ie paladin, but possible with other classes too).

There are several distinct versions of Ranger within different supplements that may suit your preferences.

Nice thing about BFRPG, is the ease in which one can tweak such material in order to fit your own preferences.
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