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Re: Amherth Characters

Post Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:04 am

Talim Lightfoot is a Half-elven fighter-mage. He has been a member of the local adventurer's guild for the past year or so. Those around him know him as aloof and slightly arrogant. He is quick to frown and his speech is often cutting or impatient. He is proficient with swords, though contrary to common ideas of elves he dislikes using bows. Those who have gone with him on guild missions (mostly uneventful) acknowledge his skill and dedication. However, his practice of magic and his unknown origin (he arrived here just a year ago, a few weeks before joining the guild) make many wary and distrustful of him.
Character Name: Talim Lightfoot
Race: Half-elf
Class: Fighter/Magic-user
Alignment: Lawful
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Level: 1
Experience: 500
Next level: 4500

Strength- 16
Intelligence- 14
Wisdom- 13
Dexterity- 11
Constitution- 12
Charisma- 12

Hit Points: 6
Armor Class: 15

Attack Bonus melee/missile: 3/1

Languages: Common/ a little Elvish

Saving Throws: 12
Death Ray or Poison: 13
Magic Wands: 12
Paralysis or Petrify: 12
Dragon Breath: 15
Spells: 15

Special Abilities:
Darkvision 30'
Find secret doors 2 in 6 chance
5% XP bonus

Read Magic


Longsword 1d8
Hand-axe 1d6
Dagger 1d4

Chain Mail

Other Gear:
Map/scroll case (empty)
Dry rations (2 weeks)
Clothing, common outfit
Tinderbox, flint and steel
Waterskin x2 (full)
Small bag of chalk pieces
Small sack x2
Large sack x1
Torches x6
Blanket x2
Writing ink and quill
Flask of oil

1 man-at-arms (1gp/day)
1 magic-user henchman (3gp/day)
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Re: Amherth Characters

Post Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:26 pm

(Now the ball is rolling. Thanks jcm!)
Magner is a human druid. Near as anyone can tell, he simply walked out of the woods a several years ago, dressed in rags and thin as a rail, with a wild, unsettling look about him. Since then, the only thing that's changed has been his clothes. He spends most of his time in the wilds, watching and learning an area, coming to town when there is need, then moving on after a time. Though he seems quite the hermit, his calling is tending "lost souls," beings that for whatever reason do not fit in where they are. As such, he will sometimes have a follower or two - either teaching them, or guiding them to where they need to be (intentionally or not).

The generous call him eccentric. Most call him crazy. The hollowed eyes, long beard, and wild hair with little trinkets and figurines woven in don't help. He acts strangely, laughing almost at random, collecting junk, growling, gesturing wildly, or talking to nature spirits (at least that's what he says he's doing). Some think there may be some method behind his "madness" - He always has some purpose when he shows up in civilized areas, and he's seems to have a knack for getting things done. In spite of his oddness, he is very reliable. When he strikes an agreement, he sees his part through. He knows his way in the wilds, and a particularly good shot with a bow. This is probably why the Adventurer's Guild occasionally hires him on as an outside guide and wood lore.
(Fun fact: He was a member briefly, but after paying his dues in nuts, berries, a dead squirrel and the leg bone of a deer (we hope), they thought it best to let him off the records.)

Nat: A fair and light framed youth, who doesn't look old enough for whiskers. Nat is quiet and withdrawn, with a gaze that misses very little. On the run from a bad home, Nat has been following Magner for a while, learning a few things about the woods, and learning trust and confidence.

Frost: A large, light gray half-wolf. Frost was chased from human settlements, and denied membership in the local packs. Magner has been building the canine's strength and trust, but refuses to call him anything but "wolf." Nat was the one who named him.
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Re: Amherth Characters

Post Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:50 pm

Posted this in the wrong area.

Favro Oleyn, is an energetic young man, always hanging around the Adventurers Guild, listening and talking to the others who come and go. He picks up tidbits of information, and then judiciously uses that same info to make a few coin from other adventurers or merchants.
He of course knows the other members of the Guild, if not well, then at least in passing.
He is quick with a story, but it is always hinting at important details, mystery's and ancient knowledge, just on the tip of his tongue but not said. This keep s Favro in enough silver to pay his way.
Favro is also well known for his interest in ancient magics, some (out of his earshot) even hint at a darker interest, as his line of questioning can invariably turn to an interest in the locations of said fell wizardry. Those who speak to him know that many have returned from adventures spurred by Favro's tales and hints, and returned rich....but also a few have never returned.

Favro is known in the Guild as a passable rogue with skills in acquiring items that seem hidden and or secure, and his information gathering skills seem to be unequaled for one so young of age.

He has also recently, earned the favor of "The Crossed Swords" as he provided information on the source of an ambush that killed one of their members, which resulted int he death of the offending evil wizard. Favro did not take any reward for this deed, but announced his desire for a blank chit, one that could be called for in the future, his wish was graciously granted.
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Re: Amherth Characters

Post Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:13 pm

Dwali Stouthammer is a fairly average dwarf. Fond of good drink and good company. He left his clanhold many years ago to pursue a career as a mercenary and wound up joining the Adventurers Guild instead. He is a member of the Crossed Swords and has been for nigh 20 years. Though he hasn't risen to any sort of position of importance, being happy enough to guard caravans and escort employers from place to place. Dwali loves a good game or challenge and is quick to swap a story of tale with others. Stout and rugged he is a capable, if unsubtle, combatant and willingly wades into the line of fire to protect others.

Dwali is known in the guild as a loyal and trustworthy dwarf. He always sees his contracts through to the end and has yet to fail any of his many assignments. Dwali has never been granted any sort of commanding position and he likes it that way. Better to focus on what needs to be done rather than try and wrangle a bunch of stubborn, independent, individuals in line.

Aebard: He is a large bear of a man, standing some 6'5'' tall and is heavily muscled. He is bald but sports a thick brown beard. Aebard talks loudly and openly with those he knows and trusts, but keeps quiet when around those he doesn't. Dwali and Aebard go back a long way and trust each other implicitly and seem to read each others minds in battle.

Geoffrey: He is short and broad in build, looking for the world like a badger turned into a human. His hair is black and parted down the middle, he sports a overgrown mutton chops and bushy eyebrows. Geoff as he prefers to be called, is a quiet brooding man. Slow to trust and slower to speak. He has worked with Dwali in the past and follows his lead in combat.

Jitters: Known only by his nickname, Jitters is a coward at heart and quick to turn tail and flee in things look grim. He worked as a miner and laborer at a silver mine before it was overrun by kobolds. He has since been unable to find legitimate work and so now hires himself out as a pack-bearer and torch-holder. Dwali hired Jitters just before leaving on the current assignment and thus does not know him well.

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